STEP 2: Read the IRCTC Individual Registration General Information Carefully

It is a very small step but very important to complete the account registration process successfully. If you avoid this then you may not be able to register an account or even may get your registered account deactivated after some time.

picture of irctc individual registration form general message

We have categorized the general information displayed at the beginning of the individual registration form as step number two. In this step, you have to read and understand the following two very important information messages given on the form.
  2. Please use a valid E-Mail ID and mobile number in registration.


It is very important to fill the correct information in the account registration form and maintain it in your profile account always, otherwise, IRCTC will deactivate your account when it detects junk and garbage values in your account profile.

IRCTC does it many times to clear the garbage account profile from its system, to prevent unauthorized access to the online ticket booking system so that others can enjoy the service fully and securely.

So, if you are new and just want to test the account registration form, even then don't enter junk values in the various options in the form. Many people do it to check the working of the form and later forgets to update the details.

Hence, please avoid it.

Please use a valid E-Mail ID and mobile number in registration.

It is also very important to enter valid email id and mobile number in the registration form. Because the account activation link is sent to the email id you will provide and an OTP to verify the mobile number will be sent to the mobile number you will provide. If you provide false information or enter the incorrect email id or mobile number then you will not be able to complete the registration as you will not get the activation link or the OTP.

So, please enter your email id and mobile number carefully.

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