STEP 3: Select IRCTC Login ID/Username and Password

Now in this step, you have to select an IRCTC Login ID/Username and Password. Login id and username are the same things. Both these are mandatory to enter in the form. The username and password you select are very important, let's discuss why these are so important, one by one.

irctc login id and password


It a red star marked option, therefore it is mandatory to enter this detail. Whenever you will access your account after registration, you have to provide username/login id. So select it carefully so that you can remember it always. Once you forget it, then it will be a bit difficult for you to get it back. And also you will not be able to reuse the email id and mobile number linked to your username.

You can enter a username between 3 to 35 characters. And only the letter and numbers are allowed.

If you enter an existing username registered by you or any other user then the system will alert you that the username is already registered and you have to select something else.

And if your username is unique then the system will show a correct check-in green color like the picture shown below.

picture of irctc username option


Now next step is to select a password. It is also a red star marked option, therefore it is also mandatory and you have to enter it. Although you can reset it later, still it is very important to remember the password you entered the first time during account registration so that you can access your account first time.

picture of irctc password option

The password you enter must be minimum of 8 characters in length and a maximum of 15 characters in length. And the password must contain at least one small and one capital alphabet and one numeric digit.

Following are some good examples of correct passwords:
  • Raju2018
  • Rajeshkumar2018
And following are some example of incorrect passwords:
  • Raj18 - it is less than 8 characters in length.
  • Rajeshkumar@2018 - it is more than 15 characters in length and contains a special character.
  • rajeshkumarhindustani - it doesn't have a capital alphabet, a numeric digit and more than 15 characters in length.

Verify Password

It is also a red star marked option, therefore it is also mandatory and you have to enter it. It is just to check and verify that you know and remember the password that you have entered in the "Password" option. The value you have entered in the "Verify Password" option should match with the value entered in the "Password" option.
picture of confirm password option

Let's move on to the next step.

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