STEP 7: Enter Personal Details Part Two

The earlier step was quite simple, now we will learn about the second part of the personal details section which needs your more attention. In this section you find the following options:
  • Country
  • Email
  • ISD-Mobile
  • Nationality
picture of country, email, mobile and nationality options of personal details section

Let's understand this one by one.


It is a red star marked option, therefore, it is a compulsory option. By default "India" is selected, you can select any other country you belong to.


It is also a red star marked option and is a compulsory and very important option. Please enter your correct email address in this option because you will receive an account activation link through email on the same email id which you provide in this option. So type your email very carefully because if you enter incorrect email here then you will not get any second chance to correct it.


It is also a red star marked option and therefore compulsory and very important too. This option has two text boxes. The first text box is to enter the ISD code of your country and it should match with the country you have to select the country option. This option is provided for account registration for international users.

Info! International/NRI users with ISD code other than 91 have to pay Registration fees after successful registration i.e. on the first login. Please note that the registration fee for International/NRI users is Rs. 100 + GST.

If you have selected "India" then ISD code 91 will come automatically and you will not be allowed to edit it. But if you select any other country then you can enter it manually by typing. In the second text box, you have to enter your mobile number.

Enter the ISD code and mobile number correctly because IRCTC will send an OTP on this mobile number to verify the mobile number. All future communication from IRCTC is done on this mobile number only. If you enter an incorrect mobile number then you will not be able to complete the registration process.


It is also a red star marked option and therefore compulsory. You can specify your nationality in this option. You have to select a country of which you are a citizen of. This option is different from country option because you have to enter the mobile number of the country you have selected in the country option.

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