STEP 9: Enter CAPTCHA the Security Verification Code

Now in this step, you just have to type a set of characters provided to you on the screen. These sets of characters are called CAPTCHA. It is a security verification code just to identify that you are a human who is filling this account registration form. It is done to avoid multiple account creation using robots and machine codes.

picture of CAPTCHA the security verification code for IRCTC account registration

If you are not able to read the characters properly then there is a refresh button given along with the CAPTCHA. You can click on the refresh button to get a new code. The refresh button will not impact the data entered in the form.

Remember CAPTCHA letters are case sensitive and to be entered in upper case only. And your registration form will not save unless you enter the correct CAPTCHA code.

For example in the picture above the security code to enter the "Enter Captcha" option is DGVA.

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