IRCTC to Enable Buy Now Pay Later Feature

IRCTC recently had provided "Pay on Delivery" payment option to its users and now soon it going to provide a new payment option "Buy now and Pay Later". While ticket booking soon user will be able to select this option to book a ticket but making payment later. It will make the railway ticket booking much faster because you don't have to go through the payment process. The new IRCTC feature is being enabled in partnership with ePaylater.

The picture is about ePaylater Buy now pay later feature of IRCTC

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

  • With this new feature, the user can buy a ticket without paying money instantly
  • IRCTC users will have to make the ticket payment within 14 days
  • The new feature will be implemented soon on IRCTC website
  • It will make the ticket booking faster
  • This feature will be available to eligible customers only

How the "Buy Now Pay Later" option will work?

  • Customers will be able to book their railway tickets without paying at the time of ticket booking.
  • It will be available to the eligible customers only. ePaylater says that eligibility of a customer for the new "Buy Now Pay Later" on IRCTC will be checked through old transactions and other factors.
  • To apply for new "Buy Now Pay Later" feature, users will have fill in basic details including Aadhaar and PAN card details.
  • To book a ticket through this option user have to vary the process each time through a One Time Password (OTP).
  • Customers at IRCTC can make the payment for their tickets within 14 days from the date of the transaction.

Who is ePayLater?

ePaylater is a Mumbai-based company which is a provider of "Buy now Pay later" payment solutions and is targeted at frequent online purchases with a credit term of 14 days. ePaylater was founded in December 2015 and is based in Mumbai. The company provides 14 days free credit period strategy within which users can make the payment. ePaylater currently accepts payments online through NEFT.

Uday Somyajula, Co-Founder, ePayLater announced the partnership. According to him by providing IRCTC users "Pay now buy later" option will simplify the checkout experience for users and also help them to manage their short-term income-expense mismatches much better. ePayLater says that it targets to capture at least 5 percent of the 6 lakhs transactions per day in next six months.

It is a great feature for people who frequently book tickets on IRCTC. When Pay now book later feature get implemented on IRCTC website, ticket booking through this option will become much faster and chances of getting confirmed ticket during Tatkal will get increased tremendously.


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