IRCTC Reservation Chart - Now Check Train Reservation Charts Online

IRCTC Reservation Chart has been made online. Indian Railway passengers now can get the information of their train chart online for the vacant seat for current reservation.

To check train chart IRCTC online go to :
Follow these steps to check the reservation chart on IRCTC:

  1. Open the IRCTC website:
  2. Click on "Charts/Vacancies" blue color button. The reservation charts page will open.
  3. Now enter your train name or train number and date of your journey and the boarding station.
  4. Then click on "GET TRAIN CHART" blue color button.
You will be presented with the chart of  IRCTC train with vacant seats available. Also the chart will provide the details of till which station the TTE is authorized to book on journey tickets.

If there are vacant seats shown in the reservation chart then it will give you the option to book it as current reservation booking.

IRCTC Reservation chart FAQs

Q. What is the IRCTC current reservation?

A: Current reservation is a process of booking tickets left unreserved after chart preparation of a train. Tickets under this quota can only be booked once the chart has been prepared and seats are still available for booking, in the last 4 hours.

Q. What is UTS on the train ticket?

A: UTS is an app named "Unreserved Ticketing System on mobile" which allows booking an unreserved paperless ticket for a journey between any two stations. You can pay for your tickets digitally through an R-wallet, an online wallet by the Indian Railways.

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