STEP 11: Submit The IRCTC Registration Form

Now in this step, you are given two buttons to click, the choice will be yours. This step is not the final step of IRCTC registration. It is only the final step to submit the registration form. After this, you have to verify your identity on the basis of the details you have provided in the registration form.

picture of IRCTC register button

The two buttons given to you are:
  • Back
  • Register
The back button will take you to the home page of the website

And the Register button will submit your registration form and details get saved on the IRCTC servers. After clicking on Register button following message will be displayed to you:

Your email id and ISD-mobile number will be verified on first login. Please ensure email id and mobile number are correct. If you are an Intenational/NRI user with ISD code other than 91, you need to pay Registration fees after successful registration i.e. on first login. Press OK to continue or Cancel for Return.

picture of submit message on IRCTC registration form

If you want to make any correction in the form then click on the "CANCEL" button otherwise if everything including your email and mobile number is perfect then click on the "OK" button.

Once you click on "OK" button you get the OTP to verify mobile in an SMS on the registered mobile number and an OTP to verify your email on your registered email id and the following message will be displayed on the screen:

Thank you , You have been successfully registered.
User[Your Username] registered successfully. Verify your mobile number and email to enjoy our services.
Your user registration confirmation mail has been sent to your registered mail id
click here to login and activate your account
Note:International/NRI users with ISD code other than 91 have to pay Registration fees after successful registration i.e. on first login. Please note that the Registration fee for International/NRI users is Rs. 100 + GST.

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