NTES Train Enquiry - Indian Railway Enquiry Between Two Station

Indian railway's train inquiry service trainenquiry.com helps find the train schedule of various trains in India. It has a straightforward user interface so that users can use it with ease. The website does not require any kind of account registration, but all the visitors are authenticated using a simple process. When someone visits the website, it asks for authentication to recognize the user as a real human. Once you successfully verified yourself, you can use various services of the website.

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The Train inquiry service provides the following information about the trains:

  1. Train schedule based on train name, train number, a source station, and destination station.
  2. Train live status of trains between stations.
  3. Train timetable for all trains.
  4. Details and status of canceled and rescheduled trains.
  5. Train schedule of special trains run by Indian railway.

NTES Train Time Enquiry

NTES Train Time inquiry to search and find your train timings, route, and location. The complete alternative to the training timetable. Even you will find more details like seat availability and change in the train schedule. Also, you can perform a train inquiry and check the PNR status of your reservation.

Steps for train timings and train schedule inquiry on Trainenquiry

IRCTC indianrailways train trains rail railway inquiry enquiry pnr status India
  1. Go to Enquiry Indian Railway - www.trainenquiry.com.
  2. Complete human verification by correctly entering the 6 characters text in the big font and click verify. If the given image is not clear, you can request a new image by clicking on the getting a new image button.
  3. On-Spot, your train tab, enters train name or train number to find a particular train's train schedule.
  4. As you type the train number or train name, all the suggestions regarding your train inquiry will be shown. You can choose any options which are related to your inquiry.
  5. When you select your train, the complete train schedule will be displayed to you.
  6. You can even check the train running status by clicking on the All running instances button. It will give the train live status.
  7. You can find the train timetable by entering the station name on the Station tab and the Train between stations tab.
  8. For example, to find trains between stations, enter the following stations as source and destination.
Example inquirySource stationDestination station
Trains from Delhi to JaipurDelhiJaipur
Trains from Delhi to GoaDelhiGoa
Trains from Delhi to MumbaiDelhiMumbai
Trains from Delhi to JammuDelhiJammu
Trains from Delhi to AgraDelhiAgra
Trains from Delhi to LucknowDelhiLucknow

Canceled train inquiry

  1. All canceled train status can be found on the Trains Cancelled tab.
  2. Here the Indian railway provides two types of train canceled status.
    • Fully canceled trains - it includes those canceled trains which are not running between two stations.
    • Partially canceled trains include those trains that are not running in a particular part of the train's route.
  3. You can search for any canceled train by providing the train number of start date.

Rescheduled train inquiry

  1. If any train is rescheduled, then you can find it's detailed on the Rescheduled tab.
  2. You can search for any rescheduled train by train name or start date.
  3. To check the latest status, click on the Refresh train list button.

Diverted train inquiry

  1. For some reason, if any train route is changed by diverting the train, you can find it's detailed on the Diverted Tab.
  2. You can search for any diverted train by train name or start date.

Special train inquiry

  1. You can find the details of special trains run by Indian railways on the Special Trains tab.
  2. Provide station code or name to find the special trains running from a particular station.
I hope this will help you a lot find details about various trains. For any further help on the NTES train inquiry, please leave a comment below.

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