IRCTC Tatkal Booking | Rly to launch separate new website

For IRCTC Tatkal booking, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has decided to launch a new website only for Tatkal timings. The decision has been taken to overcome the problem faced by IRCTC account users while making Tatkal reservation.

Update: Indian Railways to sell 50% of the Tatkal quota tickets with dynamic pricing, With its existing website www.irctc.coin
IRCTC Tatkal booking Timings
IRCTC website for online ticket booking is badly criticized by the public for a number of transaction failure during Tatkal booking time. More than twenty percent of transactions done for e-ticket booking on Rly website get fail due to technical reasons. Most of the time the IRCTC website is found hanged and inaccessible during Tatkal timings, even users are not able to access IRCTC login page during morning period. There are a lot of Fast Tatkal booking Tips available online but still, the users are facing a lot of problems.

At present IRCTC website books five Lakh e-tickets per day but the load is heaviest during the two hours of Tatkal booking time.

The new website is to be known as 'IRCTC Lite', This website will be available only for 2 hours of Tatkal booking timings. Also, this website will be a simple version of present IRCTC website and the unnecessary features like advertisements, banners, information scroll box etc. will be missing, so that the pages of the IRCTC lite website loads faster. To decrease the number of transaction failures, only the required functionality of login and ticket booking will be provided.

With this new step of Indian Railways, users will be able to book Tatkal ticket faster and easier.

Today on 3 Oct 2014, Indian Railways has decided to sell 50% of the Tatkal quota tickets through dynamic pricing system. The decision is taken due to high demand for tickets in some of the premium trains. According to the new decision, tickets will be sold on price for some of the trains based on demand for those trains i.e higher the demand higher the price. 50% of the Tatkal tickets will be sold under normal fare price and remaining half of the ticket for some of the popular trains of 16 zone will be sold on premium fare price. Some of the affected trains include popular Rajdhani trains and Express trains.

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